Thursday, February 26, 2009

Illumination - Latest Colored Pencil Painting

I completed this colored pencil painting yesterday, photographed it and uploaded it, along with the cypress tree painting, as entries in the CPSA 2009 Int'l Exhibit. Last year was the first year they accepted digital entries, but I didn't enter last year. It was nice not having to deal with taking slide photos with the 35mm camera, but on the other hand, what I see on my computer monitor is not what I see when I look at the actual painting. Then, how do I know what the judges will see on their monitor? My colors look washed out to me on my monitor. Since the judges only get one impression of your work, that feels risky to me. If I had better techie skills I suppose I could calibrate my monitor, but alas that is not my forte. So I continue to muddle along.
I used some of the Neocolor II crayons when working on this picture along with heat. I didn't discover that combo until I was almost finished. Now I am anxious to give that another try. I took over the glass topped range - which kept me from preparing lunch for 2 days in a row - to give the heated approach a try.
The plywood at the local lumber store is very poor quality at the moment, so I will go out of town to purchase some for collage next week. In the meantime, I will paint with acrylics or colored pencils and post updates here.
All the best, Linda

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Day Sunrise

I took a timeout from the colored pencil painting I am working on to do a painting of the sun rising above the clouds. In the past week, I have been plagued with the sudden onset of arthritis in my hands/wrists & feet/ankles. I would have blamed it on overuse of the hand with the prolonged use of scribbling with my pencils, but both hands hurt. I haven't been scribbling with my left hand, or my feet, for that matter, so that couldn't be the cause. My friend Alice told me it was because I just passed another birthday milestone. Probably right! I had a regular appointment to see my doctor yesterday anyway, so I bought a bottle of glucosamine-chondroitin and started taking it until I could meet with him. I knew that stuff would take 6 weeks or so to kick in - if it works for me. So, I have been scribbling and wincing at the same time. I started thinking maybe that is why I became more acquainted with collage recently. I figured I could do it with less stress to my hand and wrist if the pain became unbearable. When I went to the doctor, he ordered an injection of an anti-inflammatory drug which he said would also help with the pain. I could already tell a difference within a few hours of the injection. Yippee!!! The swelling is still there but I can work without pain and restriction. I told him that if he "fixed" my hand for me, I would have to do a piece of art for him. He told me that he was publishing a book of poetry in his native language and the title of the book mean "new day" or "starting over" - like sunrise. He had snagged a photo off the internet and I expressed my concern about copyright infringement and told him that I would do something for him. So, the photo above is of a 12" x 9" pastel painting that I completed today. I hope it is what he had in mind. His solution for my hand was certainly what I had in mind!
All the best, Linda

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Art Blog AWARD

I was given this art blog award - my very first blog award!!! - by the very talented artist, Ranjini. I love her work. She uses colored pencils and Neocolor II crayons on pastelboard. I was intrigued by that and gave it a try and I'll just say, I'm back to the drawing board (or paper).

In return for Ranjini's generous award, I am listing 7 things I love and then will pass the award forward to 7 other artists whose blogs I love.

A mere 7 of the things I love (in no particular order):
1. Family
2. Friends (including my God)
3. Art
4. Music
5. Nature - flora, fauna, land & sea
6. Learning
7. Creating

A mere 7 of the artists whose work I love & who blog (in no particular order):

Elizabeth St. Hilaire-Nelson

Michael Chesley Johnson

William Hawkins

Robin Maria Pedrero

Julie King

Stevie Wren

Sara Chambers

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finally Finished Cypress Trees in Colored Pencil

Could you sense my absence from the web recently? I've been working, working, working on a colored pencil painting. I am finally finished - I think. I said that last night and signed it. In the light of day, I decided (with my husband's critique) that it could use a little punching up in places, so back to work. Then, I thought it was done and was pretty pleased. I took it outdoors and sprayed workable fixative on it. I almost always do that. I've never had problems with it before. But this time...horror of horrors, my dark purple shadows morphed into something more like neon fuschia. Not so good. I used much more Verithin Prismas on this particular work than I normally do and perhaps that accounts for the color shift this time. So, back to the drawing board - literally. I busily attacked the purple with a marine green and think I might have counteracted the effects. I had been so careful to maintain my lights - which is always a challenge for me - and was annoyed that I had to get some subtle gradations darker when the additional coats of pencil were applied. Oh, well. I learn something everytime. I had been working on this one as a submission for the CPSA Int'l exhibit. I didn't enter at all last year and regret that decision. I hope to complete another one and will start on it today. I am giving pastelboard and Neocolors II wax crayons a try with my next one. I will try to post the work in progress - if I don't forget.
Hope to be back here soon!
All the best,