Friday, May 1, 2009


Have you missed me? I have been busy, busy, busy doing illustrations recently. It is fun, but a LOT of work and I have been putting in long hours. Part of that is my own tendency toward perfectionism. One of the most fun jobs I have been working on is a children's book about a frog who lives in the bayou of Louisiana and dreams of being a princess. I have made a new friend with the author and am stretching my skills back to illustration which is where I started as a professional artist many years ago. So many things have changed since then with the arrival of computers in the world of art and they continue to expand. The Photoshop images that were state of the art a few years ago are giving way to Vector images which can be resized without distortion. I still start all my illustrations with hand drawn images, and I am hoping there will always be a place for that. There is just something about the feel of the artist's hand in that artwork compared to digitally created work. Maybe it's the sense that a human connection gives the piece a soul that is lacking in the computer generated work. And maybe that is just my own way of perceiving the artwork. At any rate, I wanted to blog in with what's up in my life at the moment. I have designed images of dog catchers in addition to the frog Diva and am also working on bunnies who get kisses from their mommy and a mouse who preaches. (I must be attracted to the animal characters...) I got permission from the author to share the images from the Frog Diva and will post other samples in the future where it's allowed.
Peace and grace, Linda