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Here is the link to my profile for the Fabric8 Finalists in the contest sponsored by Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman. Voting will begin June 7th and I will post a link to the voting location here. I'm working, working, working to come up with the 7 additional fabric designs to compliment the Butterfly Garden entry. Tiring but very fun and addictive! Keep your fingers crossed and send me inspirational and encouraging thoughts, please!
Best, Linda

Fabric Design - Trials & Tribulations

Wowee Zowee! I can't believe it. I have wanted to design fabric or try my hand at other surface designs (wallpaper, giftwrap, etc.) but, I have been struggling with seamless repeats for patterns. My original art education did not include computers and that has been a learn-on-the-fly experience for me.
I have been aware of Spoonflower for about a year. They provide beautiful fabrics by fantastic independent designers and you can upload your own designs to be printed as well. The site includes designing tools and lots of friendly online and other assistance. Spoonflower sponsors weekly design contests and I thought that I would enter one about a year ago. (I have found that competitions are good for my productivity. The deadlines and parameters help me stay on track despite my natural ADD tendencies to fly off in a million directions.) Well, after numerous attempts to create a design and have it duplicate without looking like it was a creation from my tie-dye 60's I gave up in …
Yea!!! I was thrilled to receive word today that I've been juried into the Art & Conservation 2013 Our Hidden Treasures event. Through a lottery I have been assigned to a ranch in Comfort, TX where I will visit 2 - 3 times over the next 12 months for reference material in creating artwork for the 2013 event.
I am really looking forward to participating in this. I love nature - and of course, art - and the combination of the two helps preserve what is so difficult to preserve.
I used my "Beauty Beneath" colored pencil painting which is based on the cypress trees from Camp Verde to apply for inclusion.