Beach Memories Linger

Back in Beeville, did my 5 AM 3-mile walk on the walking track at Coastal Bend College in 40 something degree temperatures. Hard to believe I was on the beach yesterday morning. Glad to be back to my art stuff, but the memories linger of my wonderful days at the beach. Lots of good resources for future works of art.
BTW, the moon was odd this morning. It was very a small sliver and yet the moon itself looked much larger in circumference than usual. It looked very much like an eclipse. I decided it was making room to hold all the hope for the world.
Here's hoping your week is fabulous!
All the best ~


  1. Linda, thanks for your compliments on my strawberry pickers collage! I am working toward this show which has an agricultural feel, and I had taken the kids picking about 3 weeks ago, so the timing was perfect for me to do a strawberry theme. The upcoming show has caused me to really push to create much new work. My next show is a Florida Citrus group call for submissions and so I am moving on to my own interpretation of that theme next. Stay tuned!

  2. Sounds wonderful! I LOVE strawberries. I am wanting to do more paper collage pronto, but need to finish a couple of colored pencil paintings first. I still like them, but they are sooooooo slow going. I didn't enter the CPSA Int'l last year and sort of regret that, so decided I would do entries for this year. One of my references will be a photo I shot on our little jaunt to the beach.


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