I scream 4 ICE CREAM collage begins

I have started my ice cream collage as you can see here. First, I began with a simple pencil drawing on a 10"x8" sheet of birch plywood. Next, I painted very general areas of color and let that dry before applying paper to the collage.
And then there were two...

So what can be better than 1 ice cream cone, but 2? I decided while I had the paint out I should go ahead and make a quick background prep for a second cone. Besides, I couldn't decide between chocolate and strawberry anyway and I think a companion piece might be twice as nice. You can see that I have begun applying paper to the background of the chocolate one. I ordered some mulberry paper from a seller in Thailand that took a while to get here - about 2 weeks - but it love it and it is so much fun to work with. It is spawning ideas for other things like big cabbage roses or copying the photo of a confederate rose I am using as wallpaper on my computer these days. Since most of it is sheer, it is fun to layer over other patterned pieces of paper. I have such a hard time trying to "loosen up" with art, that this seems to be the ticket for doing that. (I had initially thought I would enjoy doing collage with fabric, but have realized I like ripping pieces of paper much more than cutting fabric.)

Here the collage progresses with the background finished and the cone and ice cream are beginning to take on shape with pieces of paper I have torn and glued on. (The flash caused a pretty bad glare on the glue so please try to see past that.)

Since taking the last photo, I believe I have actually finished with the chocolate cone but should know for sure by the time it is dried. (Hopefully, tomorrow.) I will post the finished product. This has to have been the most fun thing I've done with art in a while. If I can figure out how to get the medium off my hands when finished...I ordered some exam gloves to wear on at least one hand and hope there will be enough tactile sensation to work while wearing them.

Until then, all the best from


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