Finally Finished Cypress Trees in Colored Pencil

Could you sense my absence from the web recently? I've been working, working, working on a colored pencil painting. I am finally finished - I think. I said that last night and signed it. In the light of day, I decided (with my husband's critique) that it could use a little punching up in places, so back to work. Then, I thought it was done and was pretty pleased. I took it outdoors and sprayed workable fixative on it. I almost always do that. I've never had problems with it before. But this time...horror of horrors, my dark purple shadows morphed into something more like neon fuschia. Not so good. I used much more Verithin Prismas on this particular work than I normally do and perhaps that accounts for the color shift this time. So, back to the drawing board - literally. I busily attacked the purple with a marine green and think I might have counteracted the effects. I had been so careful to maintain my lights - which is always a challenge for me - and was annoyed that I had to get some subtle gradations darker when the additional coats of pencil were applied. Oh, well. I learn something everytime. I had been working on this one as a submission for the CPSA Int'l exhibit. I didn't enter at all last year and regret that decision. I hope to complete another one and will start on it today. I am giving pastelboard and Neocolors II wax crayons a try with my next one. I will try to post the work in progress - if I don't forget.
Hope to be back here soon!
All the best,


  1. That root work is just amazing. I hope you've conquered your color issues. This piece is just beautiful.

  2. THANK YOU!!! I enjoy doing challenging things like the roots.

  3. I love it, Linda. It's beautiful!

  4. Wow Linda I love this, so much details!.

    As one of my favourite blogs, I am giving you an art blog award. It can be copied from my blog at You are asked to list 7 things that you love and give the award to 7 other artblogs.

  5. Thanks, Ranjini! You're a sweetie! I think I have to accept tightness when I work with colored pencil. I tried the neocolors and the pastel board and I made a disaster of that! That just gives me even more admiration for your beautiful work.

  6. Your cypress trees are wonderful! You've captured the quiet, dark peace of a stand of these beautiful trees. Congrats on your award and for sharing it with others!

  7. What a great painting - the purplish cast gives it something mysterious :) I can imagine this painting took you some time - especially the roots! Glad I found you, I do art too, visit me sometime (you probably want to look at the Celebrity Collection of flowers)

  8. it's breath taking. Looking forward to see more of your work soon! (i know, these things take time :)



  9. here I am again - thank you for "following" my blog! jeannette

  10. Thanks for your nice comments, Silver! Just went to your Reflections blog and immersed myself in your beautiful images. What a lovely place to visit! I'm subscribing!
    Seeing your name jogged my memory for a friend I've lost track of whose maiden surname was Silver.

  11. sweet.. do you like food? visit me at One day at a time.. no wait.. didn't i see u there? ha.. sorry, aging does get to me sometimes.. thanks for joining the "FOOD-CHAIN" club!

    if you see this friend of yours, send her my hello, will you?



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