Illumination - Latest Colored Pencil Painting

I completed this colored pencil painting yesterday, photographed it and uploaded it, along with the cypress tree painting, as entries in the CPSA 2009 Int'l Exhibit. Last year was the first year they accepted digital entries, but I didn't enter last year. It was nice not having to deal with taking slide photos with the 35mm camera, but on the other hand, what I see on my computer monitor is not what I see when I look at the actual painting. Then, how do I know what the judges will see on their monitor? My colors look washed out to me on my monitor. Since the judges only get one impression of your work, that feels risky to me. If I had better techie skills I suppose I could calibrate my monitor, but alas that is not my forte. So I continue to muddle along.
I used some of the Neocolor II crayons when working on this picture along with heat. I didn't discover that combo until I was almost finished. Now I am anxious to give that another try. I took over the glass topped range - which kept me from preparing lunch for 2 days in a row - to give the heated approach a try.
The plywood at the local lumber store is very poor quality at the moment, so I will go out of town to purchase some for collage next week. In the meantime, I will paint with acrylics or colored pencils and post updates here.
All the best, Linda


  1. Hi Linda...great grapes! Thanks for the props and nice letter...hav yet to get around to it (the awarding) but think it's a great idea.
    Bill Hawkins

  2. Hi Linda
    I am new to blogging and artist websites but am just getting into this. I also am a colored pencil artist and exhibited twice in the CPSA's show but have not entered now for several years. You have inspired me again!!
    Liz Campbell


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