New Day Sunrise

I took a timeout from the colored pencil painting I am working on to do a painting of the sun rising above the clouds. In the past week, I have been plagued with the sudden onset of arthritis in my hands/wrists & feet/ankles. I would have blamed it on overuse of the hand with the prolonged use of scribbling with my pencils, but both hands hurt. I haven't been scribbling with my left hand, or my feet, for that matter, so that couldn't be the cause. My friend Alice told me it was because I just passed another birthday milestone. Probably right! I had a regular appointment to see my doctor yesterday anyway, so I bought a bottle of glucosamine-chondroitin and started taking it until I could meet with him. I knew that stuff would take 6 weeks or so to kick in - if it works for me. So, I have been scribbling and wincing at the same time. I started thinking maybe that is why I became more acquainted with collage recently. I figured I could do it with less stress to my hand and wrist if the pain became unbearable. When I went to the doctor, he ordered an injection of an anti-inflammatory drug which he said would also help with the pain. I could already tell a difference within a few hours of the injection. Yippee!!! The swelling is still there but I can work without pain and restriction. I told him that if he "fixed" my hand for me, I would have to do a piece of art for him. He told me that he was publishing a book of poetry in his native language and the title of the book mean "new day" or "starting over" - like sunrise. He had snagged a photo off the internet and I expressed my concern about copyright infringement and told him that I would do something for him. So, the photo above is of a 12" x 9" pastel painting that I completed today. I hope it is what he had in mind. His solution for my hand was certainly what I had in mind!
All the best, Linda


  1. Linda, it's good to hear that your arthritis is getting better. I've been achy the last couple of days myself. I blame it on the weather...cold and rainy.

    The painting is beautiful. He should be thrilled.

  2. Thank you! I have never had this problem before and it is scary for an artist.

  3. What an inspiring post! You must have been terrified by the onset of arthritis . Thank goodness that the injection worked for you:) I'm over from Muse Swings!

  4. it is such a wonderful painting full of hope and inspiration! so sorry to hear you've been in pain. hopefully the shot will last for a while. take care!

  5. That's beautiful, Linda.

    you paint with your left hand and toes too? that's so cool!

    Clouds- always my favourite. It always sets me on a REFLECTive mode.

  6. Thanks, Julie, the shot has been miraculous! I don't even know what it was - and maybe that's a good thing. I am almost finished with a colored pencil painting. I will photograph it and upload it as an entry in the CPSA Int'l Exhibit. I will enter it and the cypress trees. Then, I will post it on the blog here.
    Silver, thanks for your nice comments. I WISH I could paint with my left hand and toes, too!


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