Illustrations, illustrations

Illustrations have been keeping me busy. I'm including some samples of just a few of the many I've been working on recently. Most of them have been for children's books. Some are in color, like the Taco Dog (shown above gobbling Santa's tamales).

Some have a message like Petula Pelican, who
struggles for women's rights issues. Part of the
fun of it all is becoming "acquainted" (at least
via the internet) with people from all over the
world. Petula's author is a wonderful, 85-year-
young woman who lives in Kansas and has al-
ready published several other books. She is a
wealth of knowledge regarding homeopathic
remedies and is an inspirational lay minister
as well.
I haven't been blogging in a while because of all the other activities. Stay tuned for more illustration samples to follow.
All the best ~ Linda


  1. taco dog is too cute! your illustration style is just wonderful. looking forward to seeing more and more!


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