Pretty in Pink - Party Dress

This past week was spent in the cool mountain village of Cloudcroft, NM where I taught a class in collage.So much has happened since my last post. Some of it has been fabulous: I have a fantastic daughter-in-law! Some of it tragic: my daughter-in-law's father, who was also a personal friend, passed away in the early morning hours on the day of the wedding. Also, my baby sister is now home with hospice as she continues to battle damned cancer. Life happens and we deal with it.
Collage is a welcome respite from the world of reality. It is a break from the tedious detailed work I usually do. I believe the freedom of it is what has made it a unanimous first choice for my students.I'm posting a collage that I completed as a demonstration for the students which includes 3-d elements. It's a cheerful party dress that will be inserted in a shadowbox frame.
The dress is made up of paper elements layered and bent to contribute to the form. The wood panel support was covered with a portion of a McCall's dress pattern and then stenciled over with a diamond design. I think a series of these dresses would make a really fun wall grouping.
Enjoy every day that comes your way, don't waste precious time and stay in the moment as much as possible!
All the best, Linda


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