Art Blog AWARD

I was given this art blog award - my very first blog award!!! - by the very talented artist, Ranjini. I love her work. She uses colored pencils and Neocolor II crayons on pastelboard. I was intrigued by that and gave it a try and I'll just say, I'm back to the drawing board (or paper).

In return for Ranjini's generous award, I am listing 7 things I love and then will pass the award forward to 7 other artists whose blogs I love.

A mere 7 of the things I love (in no particular order):
1. Family
2. Friends (including my God)
3. Art
4. Music
5. Nature - flora, fauna, land & sea
6. Learning
7. Creating

A mere 7 of the artists whose work I love & who blog (in no particular order):

Elizabeth St. Hilaire-Nelson

Michael Chesley Johnson

William Hawkins

Robin Maria Pedrero

Julie King

Stevie Wren

Sara Chambers


  1. Linda, thanks for the award (and the homework assignment!) I will pass it along to seven blogs I love.... and I am flattered!

  2. Thank you for the award Linda. I am thrilled that you thought of me for it! I'll post my favorite 7 things later tonight.

  3. i finally found your blog!! when you've left comments in my blog in the past it takes me to your profile but there is not blog listed!! i'm glad to finally be visiting you here!! thanks for the award! i really appreciate it and am so enthralled with your art. take care!


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