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Angel of Peace Paper Painting Collage

I took a break from the colored pencil paintings I am working on to create a 20x16 collage on a birch panel. I used some highly textured papers on the dove and wings of the angel. I had purchased some handpainted papers from an artist in Florida recently who was trying to raise money to help a friend avoid bankruptcy and I was able to incorporate some of the papers from that purchase. I wasn't happy with the hair on the angel and ended up using papers from a magazine and like the mixture of patterns I found. There are handpainted pages from the Bible worked into the collage in many places. Actually, there were even more of them on the wings of the angel, but I thought the color too dark and ended up covering them with thick, handmade paper. The next photo is a closeup of the detail. I have two colored pencil paintings I hope to finish by the end of the month so that I can enter them to the jury for the annual international colored pencil exhibit. Peace & grace, Linda

More Collages Across the Atlantic

"Hands across the water, heads across the sky..." Paul McCartney Continuing with collages from Joanne Cole's students in Great Britain: These delectable creations make me smile and I hope the students had as much fun making them as I've had looking at them! Isn't it amazing to see how different people interpret the same theme? Ice cream sundae collages - in all shapes and colors of the rainbow! Thanks so much for sharing, Joanne! I just finished a new collage painting yesterday and will post it later. For now, it's clean up the mess I made while doing it and then back to the drawing board - literally. I intend to complete 2 colored pencil paintings by the end of this month to enter the annual international CPSA juried exhibit. The one I'm working on now is on sanded panel and is a homage to Henri Rousseau . I need to have it finished by the end of this week to have time to finish the traditional still life that is in the very beginning stages.