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After way too long, I decided it is time to reconnect with my blogging. I made a decision to "retire" from commissions and free-lance artwork and spend more time doing artwork that I want to do - on my own terms. (I'm weak and still get talked into doing a few commissions...) I spent 2 weeks cleaning out and reorganizing in my artroom/storage area. There is still much to do, but the improvement was phenomenal. I mixed up a DIY version of chalk paint to redo an old, beat up bookcase. I went to Spoonflower and realized that wallpaper is available. I also caught up on messages that were at least a year old. I purchased my design - Butterfly Meadow - in wallpaper and used it to line the back of the bookcase. What a HUGE improvement. The recipe that I used for the chalk paint worked great, required no priming and covered really well: 1 cup flat latex paint  2 Tbs plaster of Paris 2 Tbs water Mix the plaster of Paris and water into a smooth paste  & add t