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Zentangle, Zendoodle...

Zentangle - In the latest issue of CPSA's "To the Point", Verna Curnow presented an article on zentangle or zendoodle. An artform where repetitive patterns or shapes are used to create a meditative image. Easily seduced to try something new with art, I began my patterns with ink pen in hand. I used archival Pitt pens and made my image on Stonehenge paper. I have to admit it was time consuming, but thoroughly enjoyable. I titled this little piece "Edge of Entanglement". It's on an 8 x 6 sheet of Stonehenge paper. It's something I could work on between other projects with very little needed for materials. I did some of it while riding in the car and had to stay away from the finer lines while bumping along in the Mustang. Seems those sports suspensions are not built for smoothness. LOL! Now I'm thinking of doing a whole art journal in this style. Wonder if I can stick with something that long...Anyone can do this type of art and it if doodling is

Colored Pencil Treasures - coming soon!

I am so very honored to have my artwork included in Ann Kullberg's "Colored Pencil Treasures" book. My work appears on page 34 as seen in the previews here This is the third book that includes colored pencil artwork that I have created. I continue to work on improving my skills in fine art and to promote colored pencil as a viable medium for creating fine art.

Keep Trying!

I can't believe it's been over a year since I posted on this blog and vow to be much more attentive to this in the coming year. Just this week I helped judge artwork at the local junior livestock and homemaking show. It was interesting and inspiring to see such wonderful work being created by local children ages 6 - 12. I was moved by the ability of so many of them and encouraged by the interest of all of them. We were instructed to make comments on each judging sheet. As a sometimes instructor of adults who have shared their childhood experiences with me, I strived to find positive comments for every piece and to frame negatives and suggestions in a constructive manner. I thought about abandoning my blog as it takes time away from other things I might like to do a little more. But then, I thought about how easy it is to give up on things and that's what so many kids do even though there was something they longed to communicate. So, my message to myself and to you is: Keep