Zentangle, Zendoodle...

Zentangle - In the latest issue of CPSA's "To the Point", Verna Curnow presented an article on zentangle or zendoodle. An artform where repetitive patterns or shapes are used to create a meditative image. Easily seduced to try something new with art, I began my patterns with ink pen in hand. I used archival Pitt pens and made my image on Stonehenge paper. I have to admit it was time consuming, but thoroughly enjoyable. I titled this little piece "Edge of Entanglement". It's on an 8 x 6 sheet of Stonehenge paper. It's something I could work on between other projects with very little needed for materials. I did some of it while riding in the car and had to stay away from the finer lines while bumping along in the Mustang. Seems those sports suspensions are not built for smoothness. LOL! Now I'm thinking of doing a whole art journal in this style. Wonder if I can stick with something that long...Anyone can do this type of art and it if doodling is something you do, why not turn it into art? Here's a link to a site that will provide you with more information and references. To your doodling! Linda


  1. Beautiful!

    And I do like this sort of thing.

  2. You really took on the patterning with finesse! Fabulous!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I like to do these while my DH is driving. It does cause some squiggly lines I didn't intend occasionally, though.

  4. My father can't stop making zentangle art! :)

  5. Wow, I love this design, I'm enjoying the semi-hidden surprises I am finding in this image, I would love to see it colored :)


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