Painting BIG Flowers

As I began to write this post, I realized that the previous 2 entries featured shades of pink and this one will, too. Maybe time to come up with a different pallette? I keep struggling with the need to create a body of work. My ADD-addled brain has me hopping from one "great" idea to another despite my concerted efforts to stay on track. I began a colored pencil painting but the new box of open acrylics kept calling my name. I've been interested in trying the "open" formulation of acrylics for some time now and I finally succumed to the siren call. I have also been wanting to paint flowers in a larger than life format, so this rose is 18"x18" and I really enjoyed doing it. While painting this rose, Frances Ince Erdmann came to mind as she grew beautiful roses and even worked with a rose supplier (Jackson Perkins?) on their hybrid line. She was a generous friend and fun person who was also a victim of cancer. I've named this painting "Remembering Frances" in her honor.
I tried to capture the feeling of the light coming through the petals from behind. I still believe that acrylics have a harsher finish than oils and I'm not sure I wouldn't be happier with the results. The last time I tried the water miscible oils I was put off by the consistency, but I'm thinking the right mediums might solve that problem. Bottom line, I still haven't found my holy grail but keep searching.


  1. It sometimes takes a while to find that holy grail:) Keep looking -you'll find it someday! Love how the light hits in this flower painting:)


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